Don’t board your pets, BOARD an R.V. and travel together!

Discover the fun, freedom, and flexibility of the whole family traveling together, even your four legged members! In fact, most pets love to travel. They want to be with their people family wherever that might be. About half of all RVers bring along an animal friend on their trips.

Dogs are their first choice followed by cats, with a few birds tagging along as well. Before you hit the road, here’s 5 quick tips when RVing with your pets:

– Do NOT change foods suddenly. While on the road, what food you buy and where you buy it could make a big difference in the comfort of your traveling pet and those who travel with him. Make sure the product you are buying is fresh. All pet food stores are not created equal.

-Pack your pet’s bags too! Preparing a pet duffle will ensure that you have what you need for your pets on the go. Proper leashes, extra collars, grooming supplies, dishes, treats, and a well stocked first aid kit should all be on the list and in the duffle.

– Bring up-to-date pet health records. Before setting out on the road with your pet, visit your veterinarian. All vaccinations must be updated. Medical records must contain all information necessary in case of emergency. Make copies of these records and leave one copy at home in a safe place and keep one with
you where you can find it when needed.

– Microchip your pet for peace of mind. Losing a pet while on the road is unbelievably traumatic. To help ensure you find a lost pet make sure it has a license, rabies tags and a microchip. A microchip cannot be lost or altered. The
database that backs up the microchip is your best insurance for reuniting you with your pet.

– Consider dog steps to transport your pet in and out of your camper. This is the safest way to protect your dog’s joints.

– Clean Up After Your Dog. The biggest complaint about dogs has nothing to do with their bark, their bite, or their behavior. If you pick up after your dog, you’ll be helping dog owners everywhere.